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  1. What a great resource for Episcopalians!

    There are many active knowledgeable social media folks from TEC these days, some of whom have been active in social media 5+ years. I love how you’re pulling together resources for those who are new or relatively new to these adventures in digital ministry.

    On a personal level, I’m absolutely delighted to see how you’re jumping in and so fully engaged. Get. Cloned.

    Two things:

    1) You might want to write a post about the weekly #chsocm chat, which is coming up on two years this July. While it’s most definitely an ecumenical, cross-denominational chat, TEC tweeps have always participated.

    2) @virtual_abbey was established as an ecumenical community and leadership (prayer tweeting team) has always included Christians from all denominations. I know this because I was elected Abbess a couple of years ago! Love that it’s included as a prayer resource on your blog. Please your readers know this by tweaking the description to read: “Our online ecumenical community prays the Daily Office via Twitter. All are welcome.”

    #PBWY and “see” you on Twitter!

    • Thanks for sharing this post on twitter!

      I agree, there are many great social media “pioneers” from the TEC and other churches on many social media platforms. I have been active on social media personally for 6+ years, and I am just now realizing what can be done with church social media. I suspect there will be more people joining the party soon, especially now that well-established organizations offline have established themselves on social media.

      1) Thanks for the suggestion – I will add a post about #chsocm to the top of my blog to-do list.
      2) I will add an extra note about @virtual_abbey. The information I posted was from the “bio” on twitter.

      Thanks again! #AndAlsoWithYou

  2. I’ve just jumped into the church communications, web ministry arena and am so glad to find helpful sites like this. I am a retired doctor with no formal training in communications, but have worked and played on computers extensively since my first TRS 80. I love social media. I’m taking on this as a ministry, and am very excited about this new journey.

  3. Laura, I hope you’ll think seriously about coming to e-Formation 2014 @VTS this June, http://www.eformationvts.org It will be three days of real time with many of the finest digital communicators in the Episcopal Church and beyond. Your passion and perspective would add a lot to the laboratory-esque environment.

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