Episcopal Church / Social Media Sunday

Thank You and Uf Widerluege!

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Thanks to all of the people who helped spread the word about #Episcopal#SMSunday and made it fun and successful!

There were 4,000+ posts on Twitter and Instagram and thousands more on Facebook.  With monitoring tools, we estimated that we reached 1million+ on Twitter alone, and image there were millions more on Facebook!  At approximately 10am EST we hit the top of the US Trends chart on Twitter.

Thanks to Carolyn Clement for sharing her wonderful idea to start Social Media Sunday and enthusiasm for spreading the joy!

Carolyn Clement (lower right) with the Trinity Episcopal Church, Tariffville, CT Choir.

Carolyn Clement (lower right) with the Trinity Episcopal Church, Tariffville, CT Choir.

Thanks to Meredith Gould for starting the Church Social Media (#ChSocM) twitter chat community – it’s where the idea was started and Carolyn and I met (we’ve never met in person…the entire event was planned via email, tweets, and chat messages).

Thanks to Beth Felice, Director of Communications for the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri for all of the “behind the scenes” support and tech guruness.

Thanks to all of the members of Episcopal CommunicatorsECF Vital PracticesThe Episcopal Cafe, and The Episcopal Church and many more for helping share the invitation to the event.

Thanks to St. Timothy’s Creve Coeur and, especially, Heidi Carter Clark and Marvin Foltz for giving me the ok to try some new things. Thanks also to Susan Moenkhaus and the rest of the communications team for support and encouragement.

Thanks to the thousands of people who participated! We estimate that millions of people saw our posts on Sunday.

And now….

I have decided to put my blogging, website, and social media projects on hold for the next year.  My husband is a professor and next spring is his first sabbatical.   We will be going to Zurich, Switzerland for the winter and spring of 2015. We have many details to work out before we leave, and I need to devote my attention there.  Oh and learning a few critical phrases in Swiss German – Züritüütsch dialect – is on our to do list too!

There are also some really cool projects on the horizon at my church, St. Timothy’s, and I want to leave more time open for those new ideas.

Good-Bye for now!

Uf Widerluege!


2 thoughts on “Thank You and Uf Widerluege!

  1. Wait…WHAT? For an entire year?? Please tell me you do not mean to disappear from Twitter. You don’t have to *do* anything — no projects, no blog posts — but please please don’t disappear. Want hear/read about your adventures in Zurich, how the kids are doing, and all that, which social media makes possible.

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