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My Social Media Workshop Plan

For the #Episcopal Social Media Sunday on June 29, 2014, I will be hosting a social media workshop at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Creve Coeur.  The workshop will take place during the time that is normally adult forum during the school year.

Our new fellowship hall is equipped with a projector, so I will bring my laptop and use it to “tour” websites and social media sites on the screen.  I will also invite everyone to bring their smartphones, tablets, and even laptops, if they are interested to follow along on their own device.  We will have seating arranged around our circular tables because this will be an open discussion and hands-on workshop.

This room, but with lots of people.

This room, but with lots of people.

The basic plan is to spend about twenty minutes discussing online communities,  twenty minutes discussing social media evangelism, and five minutes at the end for everyone to submit questions for our next social media workshop.

The “tour” of Episcopal online communities will visit Episcopalians on Facebook, Episcopal Cafe, Forward Day by Day, and Daily Office West.  I put these sites together on a webpage, so everyone will be able to access them easily:


The hands-on portion of the workshop will be “Evangelism 101” during which we will talk about the various ways social media can be used for evangelism. I put together this list of evangelism ideas to share,  and I will encourage participants to do these in the workshop or during the morning:


I will also encourage everyone to use the #Episcopal hashtag wherever appropriate. Edited to add: I will use my personal accounts, not the church accounts, when demonstrating how to evangelize on social media.  

At the end of the workshop, I will give everyone a sheet of paper to write questions for our next workshop, which will hopefully be held in the fall.    If we have a few minutes at the end, I will take everyone on a “Sunday Scroll” through a social media aggregater site like Rebel Mouse or Webstagram.


Please feel free to use an adapt my workshop poster for your church. Here is the word document:

Social Media Workshop




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