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Tweeting Daily Prayers

Are you looking for ways to use your church Twitter account to connect with the community inside and outside your church?  Leslie Scoopmire of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in University City, MO does this every morning by writing a set of prayers shared on Twitter.

Writing New Prayers

Leslie’s full-time job is teaching at a suburban high school in Saint Louis.  She also has two teenage daughters and a teenage son.  Since she is so busy, she wakes up at about 5:30am to pray the Daily Office morning prayer service.  She then writes 4-6 prayers based on inspiration from the prayers, readings or on other scripture.  She also uses hashtags such as #Episcopal, #dailyprayer, or #DioMo to help people find and follow @HolyCommUCity.

Why It Works

I like the prayers because they are:

  • beautiful – Leslie has a gift for writing them
  • new  each day
  • written to fit in the 140 character limit of Twitter
  • predictably posted at  the same time each day (6am CT)

End Result

Holy Communion has over 500+ followers on Twitter after just 8 months of activity.  People have visited  Holy Communion because they like the daily prayers they saw on Twitter. Other people from around the world have shared how much they appreciate the prayers too.

Prayer Book


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